Game Update April 4, 2024

Game Update April 4, 2024 Around 8:30 AM UTC+2, game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed. Important: Conflict Phase scheduling is still being evaluated; no changes to schedule with this update. […]
Game Update April 4, 2024

Around 8:30 AM UTC+2, game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

:!: Important: Conflict Phase scheduling is still being evaluated; no changes to schedule with this update.
  • As we had outlined in its changelog, we launched the Endgame Part 3 Update with an initial schedule of one Conflict Phase per day because that would allow us to better evaluate which configuration of Conflict Phases would be best suited for the live environment.
  • For such a data-driven adjustment to work, a meaningful amount of representative data needs to be collected, so please bear with us just a little longer.
  • To offer PvP players a more varied gameplay outside of Conflict Phases, we are working hard at bringing a new mechanic to the game which will most likely see the light of day next week already!

Site Maintenance Breaks
  • Sites now have an increasing risk for a short maintenance break to be carried out by Dinoville the longer clans are holding them.
    • The risk is increasing each day (technically, each completed cycle) a site is held by the same clan.
    • Maintenance Breaks are handled just like regular DV takeovers: At the start of a Conflict phase, the site can suddenly get claimed by Dinoville.
      • The clan that held the site before can still take out all their items, but only as long as the site is marked "recently claimed" (until the end of the running Conflict phase).
      • Sites that undergo a maintenance break are only held by DV until the next Conflict phase.
    • The new mechanic is integrating with the "Held by Dinoville" site logic which is informed by Town Hall activity, which means that the number of sites that are held by Dinoville will not increase through this update!
    • When there are multiple Conflict phases in a day, the risk for maintenance takeover is split up to achieve the same risk as on days with a single Conflict phase.
    • The number of full days (technically, completed cycles) that a clan is holding a site is now shown in the site's window.
      • "Full days" means that the counter will only increase if the clan held the site for all Conflict phases that occurred in that day.

Yield Based Site HP
  • Sites now have different starting HP based on their Yield level at the beginning of a Conflict phase:
    • Starting HP decreases the higher a site's Yield level is:
      • Basic = 19,200 HP
      • Good = 9,600 HP
      • Very Good = 4,800 HP
      • Excellent = 2,400 HP
  • The site repair rate for defending players has been increased to 1:2 instead of the previous 1:4 rate.
    • This means 10 HP per second are healed instead of 5.
  • Basic Yield increases from 25% to 50%, so double the amount of fame is produced compared to before this update on the "basic " Yield level.
  • The current Yield of a site is now visible to all players again.
  • Site HP are now shown in tooltips in the map window.

Travel Gate Usage
  • The use of Travel Gates for both traveling and resurrecting when they are "vulnerable" or "recently claimed" is now possible for:
    • Members of the clan holding the Travel Gate.
    • Players that are not yet in a PvP combat status (Duelist or Outlaw).
    • Note that players using PvP Protection can use Travel Gates regardless of their phase state, just like before.

Uncategorized Changes
  • Changes to "Invulnerable" status effect:
    • Increased runtime from 5 to 8 seconds for both resurrection and travel to allow longer distances for escaping a dangerous situation.
    • Added a small speed boost to the status effect to boost successful escapes even more.
  • Greatly reduced Dino Dollar price for unlocking Jump Links for personal use.
  • Fixed that the info window for Claims could not be opened when they were owned by Dinoville.
    • This will allow the "visit" achievement for a given Claim to be completed.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to be unable to resurrect at Travel Gates in certain situations.
  • Internal fix to ensure that the PvP state is initialized properly for dinosaurs on zone entry.
  • Fix for taking daylight saving time changes into account in the Conflict cycle schedule.
  • Internal fix for ensuring proper randomization of spawn area selection in certain situations.
    • This fixes the issue that on some servers, event items that spawn in the game world tend to always spawn in the same location.
    • Updated spawn areas and amounts for Easter event items accordingly.
  • Updated Game Guide achievement tasks:
    • Removed task "Supply 3 sites".
    • Added task "Gain 100 site attack points".

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