Your Fame


Fame: Dino Storm

Keep adding to your fame until you are the town’s greatest hero: The Sheriff of Dinoville!

Dino Storm – What is Fame?

What is Fame?

Fame is like a currency for honor and importance in Dinoville. Show everyone how honorable, important and famous you are!

Dino Storm – How do I earn Fame?

How do I earn Fame?

Earn Fame through wearing fashionable items that provide a Daily Fame Bonus. Completing achievements also grants you Fame. Operating Spawn Camps, Teleport Gates or Claims produces items you can trade in for Fame.

Dino Storm – Why am I losing Fame?

Why am I losing Fame?

Fame is a fleeting virtue, so everyone loses some Fame each day. The more Fame you own the more you lose, so you need to work hard to offset the loss and grow ever more famous!

Dino Storm – What can I do with Fame?

What can I do with Fame?

Elections at the town hall are driven by Fame: The most famous applicant for an office wins the seat, and only when you make it to Sheriff the T-Rex is unlocked!

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