The Profile Window


Fame: Dino Storm

Everything is coming together in the Powerful Profile.
All your gear, at any time.

The Ranger Profile

Choose from dozens of fashionable items to improve your ranger’s looks and become more famous.

Use quick access shortcuts to view your current dinosaur and gun.

View your ranger’s details such as current level, amount of fame, title and clan membership.

Examine your ranger in the embedded 3D view.

Dino Storm – Ranger Profile

The Dinosaur & Gun Profiles

Dino Storm – Dinosaur Profile

Switch between all your dinos, guns and add-ons with ease.

Manage and compare all your gear, even to items that are not unlocked yet.

Inspect the combat skills of your dinosaurs and guns.

Enhance your dinosaurs and guns with powerful add-ons.

Organize all your gear upgrades directly in place – just switch to the upgrade view.

The Upgrade View

Run through the list of ingredients for the current upgrade. Click the “+” button next to each of the items to get directions on how to find them.

See the improved attribute values that the current upgrade provides.

Start the upgrading process even when you are still in need of ingredients; missing items can be purchased on-the-fly.

Dino Storm – Upgrade Window

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