Implants for Your Dinosaurs


Cowboy talks about dinosaur implants in Dino Storm

Stay ahead of the competition with our high-performance, state of the art bio technology implants for your dino. Stings just a wee bit!

armor implant for dinosaurs in dino storm

Dino Armor Implant

Your Dino is always in the middle of a fight? Then maybe our armor implant should be your first choice. It increases your dinosaur’s armor so he takes less damage.

vitality implant for dinosaurs in dino storm

Dino Vitality Implant

Worry about your dino in fight? You need a lot of heal potions? In this case our vitality implant might be interesting for you. Buy our vitality implant and increase your dinosaur’s hit points.

strenght implant for dinosaurs

Dino Strength Implant

More power for your dino, nothing more to say. Yes, surprisingly it increases the damage your dinosaur deals to targets. But be warned, strength is not everything cowboy.

Recovery implant for dinosaurs

Dino Recovery Implant

After years of research our dino doctor finally made it. Our brand new recovery implant increases your dinosaur’s hit point recovery rate. Try and live longer cowboy.

Agility implant for dinosaurs

Dino Agility Implant

You might think your Dino is way to sedate. In this case we recommend our brand new agility implant for dinosaurs in Dino Storm. This fantastic implant increases the dinosaur’s ability to dodge attacks.

Endurance implant for dinosaurs

Dino Endurance Implant

Speed can be a vital factor for every dinosaur. Nobody can catch you if your dino is faster than all the others. Enter the endurance implant: This great piece of kit increases your dinosaur’s speed.

Stability implant for dinosaurs

Dino Stability Implant

You and your Dino are always on the run. Try our stability implant and nobody will ever stop you again. The stability implant decreases the duration of Stun, Confusion and Fear conditions.

Rage implant for dinosaurs

Dino Rage Implant

Always give back. When your dino takes damage during combat, let rage take over. The rage implant increases your extra power gains from taking damage in combat.

Shield implant for dinosaurs

Dino Shield Implant

Hate snipers? Watch the adventage of far-range weaponry melt away with our brand-new shield implant! The shield implant increases your dinosaur’s resistance against incoming weapon damage.

Claws implant for dinosaurs

Dino Claws Implant

Fancy close combat? We got a new set of deadly claws for your dinosaur! The claws implant grants a chance for your dinosaur to hit additional targets in close range.

Weapon Reflector Implant

Dino Weapon Reflector Implant

Grants a chance for your Dinosaur to temporarily reflect some of any incoming Weapon damage. Needs to be installed to a Dino Implant slot in order to work.

Heat Regulator Implant

Dino Heat Regulator Implant

Decreases the duration of paralyze and slowdown conditions. Needs to be installed to a Dino Implant slot in order to work.

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