#13 Endgame Part 2

Even before we launched the Endgame Part 1 update, we were incredibly excited to see how you would respond to it ‒ we were thrilled by your numerous ideas, suggestions and discussions in the last […]

Even before we launched the Endgame Part 1 update, we were incredibly excited to see how you would respond to it ‒ we were thrilled by your numerous ideas, suggestions and discussions in the last thread! Because that thread has reached 60+ pages by now, we decided to start a new one specifically for Endgame Part 2.

We really appreciate the interest you are showing in our updates and have been eagerly following where in the game you are placing your new Jump Links (notice: loud)!

And since all the parts in our "Endgame" series of updates are so closely connected, some of you were already keen to ask when Part 2 would be released shortly after Part 1 had launched.

Similar to how we gave you a glimpse of our plans for Part 1, here is what we have planned to do with Part 2:

"Hard" Fame

So far, fame has been a fleeting element of which your ranger loses a certain percentage at the end of the day. What if we would just stop that from happening? What if, instead, you had it in your own hands to decide what you want to use your hard-earned fame for?
  • You will no longer be losing fame at the end of the day.
  • Customization items will now provide fame based on their actual usage, i.e. fame points will be added to your balance every time a customization item wears down a bit.
    • There will be no more “daily fame bonus” on top of that.
  • Holding Travel Gates and Claims will continue to be a vital source of fame.
  • Fame will be essential for earning Silver Crowns through the Town Hall.
    • For the new election system it will be necessary that the Fame value of other players is no longer visible via their profile.

Townhall Rework

Over time, elections in the Town Hall have proven to be somewhat inflexible and, unfortunately, not very desirable across the full range of offices. Climbing the office hierarchy was just a necessary means for reaching the office of Sheriff. But what if every position in Town Hall was actually desirable because it provided a useful reward?
  • Silver Crowns will be issued for attaining an office through elections.
    • The higher the office rank, the more Silver Crowns are awarded.
  • New election system will keep known offices, but introduce dynamic number of seats.
    • The number of seats can be adjusted based on various factors.
    • Offices are no longer organized in a strictly pyramidal structure, but the order of offices in their ranking remains the same.
  • New application process!
    • Applications are no longer made for a specific office, the only choice is between Street, District and Town (as available).
    • Similar to auctions, you spend fame points on your application but cannot see directly what other players are spending.
      • But: Over the course of your running application, you will receive additional information that can help you with assessing your chances.
      • The amount of invested fame can be increased for a running application.
    • At the end of a Street/District/Town evaluation period, players will be ranked according to the fame points they spent in applications. Then, the game will assign them a position from the list of offices according to their ranking.
      • For example, the player who spent the most fame in Town elections will be granted the office of Sheriff.
        • Note: Since no office can be skipped on the way to the top, this player in our example would only become Sheriff if they had reached the office of Marshal before.
    • During evaluation, players will receive an internal fame bonus for offices they have not reached before, which means that they are more likely to be elected to these offices than players who have reached these offices before.

Sheriffs Monument

Since fame points will no longer be an openly comparable value, and the new election system will lead to more fluctuating individual fame point balances, the way the Sheriffs Monument works will have to change.
  • Instead of fame, the number of collected achievement points will determine Sheriffs’ positions on the monument.
    • Event achievement points are excluded from the calculation.
  • Newly-elected first-time Sheriffs will appear at the top of the monument for three consecutive days, no matter their achievement points. This is to ensure that a proper Sheriff party can be held!
  • The Top 50 Sheriffs according to achievement points will be shown in the monument listing.
  • New achievements: With achievement points becoming the new benchmark figure on the Sheriffs Monument, we want to give you more ways to rack up your score! Stay tuned…

T-Rex Coming to Silver Lily's Emporium (and more)

Laeticia Sceatta is not resting on her laurels of being the talk of the town. Instead, she is busy preparing new exciting items to be offered through her store in central Dinoville!
  • New clothing items will be added.
    • The selection of items is planned to be seasonal, i.e. some items might only be available for a certain time before they reappear again at a later date.
    • Many of these items will only be available to players who have reached the office of Sheriff before.
    • There will be even more items in the future that are not limited to clothing. Stay tuned…
  • Filters and search will be added to the store window due to the greater selection of items.
  • This is a big one: T-Rex is coming to the Emporium, and it will not be exclusive to Sheriffs!
    • The office of Ranger is required for purchase.

Now hold on! Does everyone who has merely managed to become a Ranger get a T-Rex cheap?!


If you earned Silver Crowns solely by being elected a Ranger again and again, you would need to be elected several hundred times to afford the T-Rex from Silver Lily’s Emporium… It’s not impossible, but it is safe to say that this would take you several years of time.
Remember that higher offices provide greater amounts of Silver Crowns, with the office of Sheriff granting the largest amount in a single election. So, as you try to rise to higher and higher offices via the new election system at the Town Hall, you'll automatically collect lots and lots of Silver Crowns ‒ even if you never make it to Sheriff, you'll eventually be able to afford the T-Rex! And that’s a promise.

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