The Dev Shack #06 – BIG Update Part II

Hello rangers! Today we are proud to announce the second part of what came to be known as the “BIG update”. Yes, you heard right: Our original plans for the BIG update were even bigger! […]

Hello rangers!
Today we are proud to announce the second part of what came to be known as
the “BIG update”.

Yes, you heard right: Our original plans for the BIG update were even bigger!
We had to split them into two separate parts and kept working when the first part was released.

We think you will like that second part, and we think you will want to talk about it. That’s why we gave it a name: It’s
Coldclaw Valley!

Got questions? Feel free to ask! Keep watching this space as we will update it
with more information in the future—stay tuned :mrgreen:

Updated 2016-08-02

Hello rangers!
Seeing your reaction on just that name we dropped when we first posted about Coldclaw Valley was really awesome—thank you for all the feedback! Just one thing:

When you want to ask us a question, please do so right here in the Dev Shack.

Here is where the magic happens, and here is where we will keep posting the latest updates on Coldclaw Valley. :)

Ok, let's hear some updates then!
Today we would like to answer some of the most pressing questions you asked us:

emanuel.emmy said:
1) YES, you guessed right: "Coldclaw Valley" is the name for a new map that is coming to Dino Storm! It connects to Green Volcano, very much like the other maps connect to each other.

Penryn Young said:
New levels? :eek: :eek:
2) The new map also brings a new maximum level cap: In Coldclaw Valley, you will be able to reach level 45.

emanuel.emmy said:
can make dinosaur (after level 40) look different? (better if can)
3) Your dinosaurs will not change looks with levels 41-45.

jonathan.martin said:
New [...] implants, weapons and Dinos?... Just I wanna know that :cry: ;) :)
4) There will be new equipment for your ranger: A new gun, new dino implants and new weapon tech! A new dinosaur is coming as well, but it will arrive a little later.

Updated 2016-08-16

Hello rangers,
This is fun! Thank you for keeping the questions coming—we will keep posting updates on Coldclaw Valley, trying to provide the answers you are looking for. :)

juan.alvino-paucar said:
Some people are speculating that you charge money (or gold) to enter the new map, is this true?
1) No! Absolutely not! Dino Storm will always remain free-to-play, and that means that we will never add content that is exclusively available to people who spend real money.
Since you were asking, we would like to stress that there will be no entry fee to the new map whatsoever. We think that anyone who manages to cross Green Volcano has earned free unlimited access to Coldclaw Valley!

slejd2001 said:
new gun will be able buy only sheriffs or it will be for all players?
2) All players will be able to get their hands on the new gun as soon as the update hits! Just like the other guns, you need to unlock it by helping one of the new quest characters if you want to buy it with gems. And just like the other guns, you can also get it directly via Gold Coins.

Jade721 said:
What do the techs and imps and gun do?
3) Great question! :) For now, let us concentrate on the new gun and weapon tech:

"New Gun" (still to be named)

This skill attacks multiple targets with a flood of projectiles that inflict lots of weapon damage and also cause a few seconds of slowdown upon impact.
EXTRA POWER: Causes bleeding in multiple targets for additional weapon damage.

This skill attacks a single target with an array of shots that inflict a large amount of weapon damage upon impact.

EXTRA POWER: <<classified>> (cannot tell you yet ;))

"Melee Shield" (name might change)
This tech increases your resistance against melee dino damage.

"Aim" (name might change)
This tech increases your weapon damage the further you are away from your target.

"Shock" (name might change)
This tech provides a chance to deplete your target's extra power bar with a single hit.

Updated 2016-09-13

"Shield Implant" (name might change)
This implant increases your dinosaur's resistance
against incoming gun damage.

"Claw Implant" (name might change)
This implant grants a chance on your dinosaur's standard attack
and attack skills for hitting additional enemies in melee range.

"Rage Implant" (name might change)
This implant increases the power bar gains from being attacked.

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