The Dev Shack #04 – Share Clan Duties & Responsibilities

Dino Storm - Bandit in Mokon Woods

Welcome back to the Dev Shack!

  • Hello rangers :) This time we tackle a core gameplay aspect of Dino Storm’s endgame head-on.
    If you have joined the ranks of a clan to improve your chances of winning the Sheriff’s office,
    you will find this very interesting! As always, we are very keen on your personal opinion;
    if this Dev Shack raises questions for you, please feel free to ask!

    We would be happy if you joined the discussion below. Thank you for commenting and for playing!

This is How We Are Going to Improve the Sharing of Clan Duties

The Current State: The Lonesome Cowboy and his Claim

  • Operating a Claim, Teleport Gate or Spawn Camp is no easy task: Once supplied, potential attackers are never far. Of course, clanmates can help with fending off attackers—but adding supplies? Retrieving fame items? These tasks can only be carried out by the operator. He/she is in charge and must be present at least for refilling in time before supplies run out, which makes operating a site a very time-consuming job.

    We feel that there is no need to limit the operation of Claims, Teleport Gates and Spawn Camps to just one ranger each. Even when a clan chooses to push a single ranger to reach a particular office at the townhall, we think it should be possible for all clan members to take an active part in adding supplies and retrieving fame items from sites.

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    Operating sites is limited to one ranger at a time; clanmates can only help with defending the site

In the Future: Teamwork, Naturally

  • Soon, ALL members of a clan will be able to supply Claims and Travel Gates, and ALL of the fame output will go to the clan inventory first. In order to keep track of which clan member donated how many supplies, we are adding statistics to the clan window. These will make it easier for clan leaders to distribute fame items from the clan inventory.

    Clan leaders can also grant other clan members the rights for distributing fame items, so that no one misses out on clan fame just because its leader is on vacation ;) How fame items get to be distributed among clan members is completely up to you—the new statistics are just there to provide the relevant information.

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    All clan members can participate in adding supplies and retrieving fame items from sites

Forum Discussion

  • We think that these changes will come as a relief to those who have spent countless hours next to
    their Claim, Teleport Gate or Spawn Camp in the past. Finally, all clan members can share all the responsibilities that come with operating sites and enjoy the benefits of teamwork.
    What is your opinion?

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