The Dev Shack #02 – Fast & Convenient Ways to Travel

Dino Storm - Bandit in Mokon Woods

Welcome back to the Dev Shack!

  • Hello rangers :) When our first Dev Shack article came out, it took a few days for comments to really get going—but once the discussion was under way, we were humbled by your thoughtful feedback. Thank you so much! Here is our second piece on that big update on the horizon, showcasing one of the biggest of the upcoming changes. Again, we would love to hear your opinion on it!

    We would be happy if you joined the discussion below. Thank you for commenting and for playing!

This is How We Are Going to Improve Getting From A to B

The Current State: Get That Teleport Matrix or Keep Walkin’

  • Originally, the Teleport Matrix item could only be used to travel between Teleport Gates, which every zone has two instances of (apart from Dinoville, which only has one). However, we found that using Teleport Gates proved more cumbersome than we wanted it to be—after all, teleporting is supposed to be quick! So in order to make teleporting more fun, we greatly extended the range of possible uses for the Teleport Matrix item with an update in February 2014.

    Since that update you can use the Teleport Matrix both for Teleport Gates and for jumping to any active quest, which makes it a great time-saver. However, those with only a few Gold Coins in their pockets sometimes find it hard to get their hands on a Teleport Matrix, since the only way to get one for Dino Dollars is through the auction house. The only alter-native to using a Teleport Matrix is—of course—riding your dinosaur to get from A to B.

  • Image
    The Teleport Matrix item is needed for both jumping to quests and using Teleport Gates

In the Future: Use “Travel Gates” for Dino Dollars

  • We plan to combine Spawn Camps and Teleport Gates into a new kind of building called a “Travel Gate”. In short, these are going to provide both recovery for defeated rangers as well as quick travel to any other Travel Gate. There are going to be ten Travel Gates per zone instead of just two (Dinoville will probably have four Travel Gates), so finding one should not be an issue any more as well.

    But the best part is this: Using Travel Gates will not require the Teleport Matrix item! All of you will be able to travel through any Travel Gate—as long as it is unlocked and supplied—for just a few Dino Dollars! The traveling fee corresponds to the distance between start and destination gates, and of course you will not be able to travel through Travel Gates that you are just trying to take over. ;)

  • Image
    Pay a few Dino Dollars for traveling between a great number of “Travel Gates”

Forum Discussion

  • The above images still look similar, but in practice the new Travel Gates will make a huge difference—at least that is what we think. What is your opinion?

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