Take a Look at the Dinoball 2021 Final Reward!

Dino Storm - Bandit in Mokon Woods


dinoball.skinart.coelophysis.jpg dinoball.skinart.pachycephalosaurus.jpg
dinoball.skinart.brachiosaurus.jpg dinoball.skinart.ankylosaurus.jpg
dinoball.skinart.parasaurolophus.jpg dinoball.skinart.centrosaurus.jpg
dinoball.skinart.carnotaurus.jpg dinoball.skinart.tyrannosaurus.jpg

How to unlock the final event reward? See below!

Dinoball—how does it work?
  1. Defeat monstrous dinosaurs – Follow event quests to collect reward boxes.
  2. Open reward boxes with keys – Reward boxes can only be opened with keys. Visit Dinoball promoters to get reward box keys.
  3. Pick up balls – Footballs appear in any zone and event bandits. Just pick them up and pass them to other players.
  4. Pass the ball – Pass balls to other players to receive Team Spirit.
  5. Trade Team Spirit – Exchange Team Spirit for reward box keys through Dinoball promoters.
  6. Keys will open reward boxes – You need to have keys in your inventory for opening reward boxes. Dinoball promoters will trade you keys for Team Spirit.

Dinoball 2021 is kicking off today at 4 PM* and will run till July 11!

* Server time (American servers: EDT, European servers: CEST, Asian server: CST)

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