No Gold Coins Bonus For Exploit-Using Accounts

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When we first told you about having to react to an item duplication exploit in the game, we also noted that we would identify the players who used the exploit to unrightfully obtain items, and that we would act accordingly.

Yesterday, we gave Gold Coins to each and every game account that had lost progress due to the 2-day rollback we had to perform in order to fix the game's item economy, which had been severely affected by players who had been exploiting the item duplication bug in a big way.

Today, we have removed that Gold Coins bonus again from accounts that were found to be using the item duplication exploit. Exploiting a bug is listed as a punishable offense in our game rules, and with good reason.

Taken from our game rules:
4. Terms of Use

Use of the services offered is only permitted via common web browsers or specialized software which has been explicitly cleared for use by the service provider.

{a} Exploiting Software Errors and Bugs
It is not allowed to exploit software errors and bugs in the game. If you spot an error or bug that could be exploited, you must inform the game’s operators right away; contacting a GM is another possibility. Keeping an exploitable error or bug a secret, or informing third parties that are neither the game’s operators or GMs of an exploitable error or bug, is also considered a breach of rules that may then be penalized.
Please note that the removal of the Gold Coins bonus will not be the only measure that we are taking here. Accounts that we find have been using the item duplication exploit to a particularly high degree will be subject to additional penalties.

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