Game Update March 30, 2021

Dino Storm - Bandit in Mokon Woods
Game Update March 30, 2021

Between 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+2, the game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

Update Changelog


  • Fixed bug that NPCs where not able to use AOE skills/effects on multiple targets (Fear,Claw,Rockets, etc.)
  • Fixed: User Upgrade Info Task works again when you upgrade the currently equipped weapon.
  • Fixed that the AI unit only sends the message of Evading on first call and not when they adjust position again due to a dynamic base
  • Fixed game crash in the fadein/fadeout logic when a ui element was recreated with the same name but the pointer address has changed.
  • Fixed: Effort was cleaned up for NPC units with autoheal turned off (monstrosities) which resulted in an unfair loot distribution after the unit evaded
  • Added claw attribute to monstrosities and bosses to allow them to attack multiple targets in close range
Easter Event
  • Fixed missing event quest in DV (against coelophysis monstrosities)

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