Game Update March 26, 2024 (Endgame Part 3 Update)

Endgame Part 3 Update Changelog Update scheduled for March 26, 2024 Around 8:30 AM UTC+1, game servers will go down for the update to be deployed. Please note that it will take a bit longer […]
Endgame Part 3 Update Changelog

Update scheduled for March 26, 2024

Around 8:30 AM UTC+1, game servers will go down for the update to be deployed. Please note that it will take a bit longer than usual for game servers to come up again.

Changes to Site States and Operation

We are introducing a server-wide schedule that defines when Travel Gates and Claims (summarized as "sites") can and cannot be attacked, when they produce Fame items, and when these items can be taken out by the operating clan.

Schematic overview of the new schedule​

:!: Important: We are rolling out the new mechanics with an initial schedule that has a single Conflict Phase per day!
  • The daily Conflict Phase where sites become vulnerable to attacks starts at 8 PM / 20:00 server time and lasts for 2 hours (until 10 PM / 22:00 server time).
  • The initial schedule allows us to evaluate best if changes to number and length of Conflict Phases would be better suited for the live environment.
    • Note that "more phases" would not mean "more items" -- rewards will always be balanced for a 1-day cycle.
  • We will closely monitor site conflict in the weeks and months to come and are prepared to adjust the schedule as needed!
(x) Super Important: When the update goes live on March 26, ALL Travel Gates and Claims will be reset!
  • Clans that are operating a Travel Gate or Claim when the update goes live will need to claim that site again.
  • Fame items that are contained in Travel Gate or Claim inventories when the update goes live will be deleted!

A few notable changes that come with the new mechanics:
  • Sites can now only be attacked when they are in their yellow "vulnerable" state, which is predetermined by the server-wide Conflict Phase schedule.
  • It no longer matters who is the first to attack a given site; the clan that drains a site's health the most gets to be the new owner if the attack succeeds.
    • If you fail to drain a site completely before the Conflict Phase ends, you cannot complete the takeover. The site will stay with its owner and is fully healed again.
  • Sites no longer need supplies to run. This also means that sites never go out of operation by themselves.
    • Supply Charges that are still in the possession of players when the update goes live are converted to Gold Coins (5 Gold Coins per item).
  • Yield still determines how many fame items a site produces, but it is no longer random: The operating clan needs to manually upgrade a site's Yield by themselves.
    • Yield can only be upgraded once per day and site, which means a clan needs to defend a site through several "vulnerable" phases to reach the highest possible Yield. These are the available Yield levels:
      1. Basic (25% Yield) · no upgrade needed, produces only very few items
      2. Good (100% Yield)
      3. Very good (200% Yield)
      4. Excellent (400% Yield)
  • Fame items can only be taken from a site when it is in the "protected" or "recently claimed" state. Items are no longer produced one after the other, but all at once, right at the beginning of a Conflict Phase when the site becomes "vulnerable".
    • This means that there will always be items ready to take out when you and your clan succeed in a takeover!
      • Note that items will only accumulate over multiple conflict phases when the site is owned by a clan.

Site towers displaying old (left) and new (right) states

Site towers displaying old (left) and new (right) states​

New site states
  • Protected (blue) · safe from attacks
  • Vulnerable (yellow) · can be attacked
  • Attacked (red) · currently under attack
  • Recently claimed (green) · similar to protected, is used to signal a successful takeover during a running Conflict Phase

Changes to Site Combat

For Attackers
  • Stay within the site's perimeter to deplete its health. Complete the takeover before the "vulnerable" phase is over, or the takeover fails!
  • Once its health is down, the site goes to the clan that drained it the most (regardless from who attacked first).
  • If you attack a site that is not held by a clan, there will be no defenders. But you might battle against other clans that want to take over the site as well.
For Defenders
  • When your site is attacked, keep attackers out of the site's perimeter to keep its health from dropping. Staying within the perimeter yourself repairs site health.
  • The site goes back to the "vulnerable" state after not taking damage for 3 minutes straight.
  • The Repair rate is currently set to 1/4 of the Drain rate. We will closely monitor site combat in the weeks and months to come, so that rate may still change in the future.
  • Since sites no longer need to be supplied, their health is now measured in health points (HP).
    • A healthy site has 18,000 HP.
    • During site combat, the amount of drained and repaired HP is shown as floating text near the site's tower structure.
  • We removed the site info tasks that were automatically assigned to site suppliers in the past, since site ownership is no longer tied to individual rangers, but to clans.
  • Friendship status will not be taken into account when a conflict phase is active, so it allows to attack friends from another clan.

Changes to Fame Items
  • Existing Fame items are now marked as "old". They can of course still be sold at the market.
  • Increased stack size for both old and new fame items from 25 to 30.
  • New fame items have a significantly greater worth (old / new):
    • Bronze medal: 10 / 160 Fame
    • Silver medal: 15 / 240 Fame
    • Gold medal: 20 / 320 Fame
    • Gold tinsel: 35 / 560 Fame
    • Gold nugget: 70 / 1,120 Fame

Changes Related to Clan Administration
  • The game now tracks attack / defense / site conflict kill points, all of which are recorded only during site combat.
  • Three new achievement tracks under "Conflict" correspond to the recorded values.
  • The fame balance that had previously been recorded for all clan members is changed to a fame/activity balance.
    • Right Hands and Leaders can now distribute fame items based on activity records.
  • Added information about the number of held sites in the clan window.
  • New Clan Dollar donation options have been added to the clan window.
  • Increased stack size for Clan Boosters to 40.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the clan inventory window to not update properly e.g. when extending slots.

New Highly Accessible Travel Gates
  • One additional Travel Gate which is permanently operated by Dinoville has been added to each zone. The new gates have been positioned close to markets and are named as follows:
    • Goldfields: Cody
    • Mokon Woods: Everett
    • Green Volcano: Wyatt
      • Note: Wyatt has adopted its position from the Lawton Travel Gate. Lawton moved closer towards Bragg.
    • Coldclaw Valley: Holloway
      • Note: Holloway was too close to the Yuma Travel Gate, so Yuma moved closer towards Reynolds.
    • Maujak Mountains: Sinclair
      • Note: Sinclair is situated between Crawford and Figard, both of which stay in their places. Instead, the market was moved towards Sinclair.
  • Achievements have been added for first-time visits of the new Travel Gates.

Dynamic Dinoville-owned Sites
  • Implemented logic that sites are dynamically taken by Dinoville based on player activity in the Townhall.
    • A few seconds before the start of a conflict phase, sites can be claimed or released by Dinoville.
    • Dinoville will claim more sites on servers where there is little activity in the Townhall, and claim less sites on servers with high Townhall activity.
    • Previous siteholders can still get their items while the site is marked "recently claimed".

Changes to Map and Minimap
  • The minimap is no longer semi-transparent to improve readability.
  • Both map and minimap now display a timer for the two main phases in site combat, "protected" and "vulnerable".
  • When a site is vulnerable, a flashing yellow triangle shows on top of the site's icon.
  • When a site is under attack, a flashing red cross shows on top of the site's icon.
    • Also, once health goes down for an attacked site, a small progress bar beneath the site's icon shows its remaining health.
  • The Travel Gate base icon was rotated by 45 degrees to increase readability, and to better match the icon for Claims.
  • Colors for site icons have been adjusted:
    • When operated by one's own clan: dark purple.
    • When operated by other clans: dark pink.
    • When temporarily operated by Dinoville: light blue.
    • When permanently operated by Dinoville: blue.
    • The screenshot below shows a raging Conflict Phase in Mokon Woods: Several sites have recently been claimed (green check mark), one attack is still running at the top left Claim, and the leftmost Travel Gate is the only one that is still vulnerable to attacks.

Changes to Resurrection Options
  • After resurrecting with any of the available options, the "invulnerable" status effect is applied for a few seconds.
  • The amount of health provided after resurrection changes as follows:
    • Instant: 10% (20% with full Healthy Recovery gels)
    • Travel Gate: 25% (50% with full Healthy Recovery gels)
    • Dinoville: 50% (100% with full Healthy Recovery gels)
  • The behavior of the "Healthy Recovery" Power Gel was changed to provide a percentage boost between 33% and 100% (fully loaded) instead of a fixed HP boost.

New "Clan Excellence Store" and Clan Booster Items
  • A new store building has been added to the Dinoville map, located near the Triforge.
    • Clan-centric items such as attribute boosters can be purchased here for Clan Dollars.
  • Existing attribute booster items have their icons and colors updated to match status effect icons.
  • New items have been added to cover all 23 attributes in the game.
  • Clan Boosters are still also provided for completing group quests.
    • Quest rewards are chosen randomly from the full selection of Clan Booster items.
  • Added an achievement for visiting the Clan Excellence Store the first time.
  • Tooltips for Clan Boosters now include information about the attribute offset that is provided in addition to the relative boost.

Improvements Related to Jump Links
  • Jumping from one link node to the other is now happening faster and feels more snappy.
  • The camera now follows the direction of your jump, helping with staying orientated in the game world.
  • Jump Links are now always shown on your map when you have unlocked them for use or built them yourself.
    • Jump Links that you haven't unlocked for use are still shown on the map, but only when they are close to your position.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a delay of about 2 seconds before icons of close-by Jump Links were shown on the map.
  • The "Jump" button is now only shown when a Jump Link is unlocked for use.

Changes to Traveling & Resurrecting via Travel Gate
  • Players cannot use Travel Gates for both traveling and resurrecting when they are in the "vulnerable" or "attacked" state.
    • When using PvP Protection, traveling and resurrecting at Travel Gates is still possible even in "vulnerable" and "attacked" state.
  • Shortened the time spent on the teleporting animation when using Travel Gates (also when resurrecting).
  • Player movement is still blocked for a short time after traveling/teleporting, but the duration is shorter now.
  • Updated the travel and rescue Dino Dollar formula to better follow the ranger level.
    • Prices are very close to how they were before when map and ranger levels match.
    • Traveling or resurrecting on lower level maps as a high-level player will cost the same as on the matching high-level map.
    • Travel and resurrection prices increased very slightly for low-level rangers, while mid-level rangers enjoy slightly lower prices.

Changes to "Invulnerable" Status Effect
  • Players that have the "Invulnerable" status effect applied can now be targeted for attacks, but they do not receive any damage nor can they have negative status effects applied.
  • Automatic health recovery pauses while the "Invulnerable" status effect is active.
  • The "Invulnerable" status effect now ends prematurely when players choose to actively engage in combat (e.g. by attacking targets, activating skills etc.).

New Status Effect "Travel Sick"
  • The "Travel Sick" status effect is applied the same moment the "Invulnerable" status effect is given.
    • Duration of the "Travel Sick" status effect is twice as long as that of the accompanying "Invulnerable" status effect.
  • While the new status effect is persisting you are unable to initiate attacks on sites, and you cannot drain or heal sites during site combat.
  • The new status effect is not applied when PvP Protection is active for your ranger.

New "Cheap Travels" Power Gel Replaces "Long-Life Supplies"
  • The "Cheap Travels" Power Gel reduces the Dino Dollar cost for using Travel Gates for both traveling and resurrecting by up to 50%.
  • Old inactive Long-Life Supplies Power Gels are automatically converted to Gold Coins:
    • Class A (60 min.): 1 Gold Coin each
    • Class B (24 hr.): 19 Gold Coins each
    • Class C (7 days): 149 Gold Coins each
  • Active Long-Life Supplies Power Gels change to the new Cheap Travels Power Gel, along with its effect.
  • Auctions carrying Long-Life Supplies Power Gels by the time of the update will change into Cheap Travels Power Gel auctions.

Changes to Dinosaur Balancing
  • Health and strength attributes have been adjusted as follows:
    • Ankylosaurus
      • Health: -3,5%
      • Strength: +3,4%
    • Brachiosaurus
      • Health: -4,6%
    • Carnotaurus
      • Health: +3,4%
      • Strength: +19%
    • Centrosaurus
      • Health: -2,3%
      • Strength: +8%
    • Coelophysis
      • Health: +1,8%
      • Strength: +17,9%
    • Pachycephalosaurus
      • Strength: +15,5%
    • Parasaurolophus
      • Strength: +12,1%
    • Tyrannosaurus Rex
      • Health: +5%
      • Strength: +19,1%

Spring Collection at Silver Lily's Emporium

Out with the old, in with the new! We are replacing some of our stock with fresh new items for springtime!
  • Items no longer available from Tuesday, March 26 (x)
    • Sheriff hat / jacket / trousers (Dodger blue)
    • Sheriff hat / jacket / trousers (Red)
    • Mutton chops (Black)
    • Mutton chops (White)
    • Sheriff Visor (Bright blue)
    • Sheriff Visor (Glaring red)
    • Circuit board (Green & Yellow)
    • Dragon scales (Straw & Blue)
    • Dragon scales (Straw & Red)
    • Supreme feathers (Bright cyan & Orange)
    • Zebra (Vibrant orange & Yellow)
  • New Spring Collection Items (available Tuesday, March 26) (/)
    • Sheriff hat / jacket / trousers (Black)
    • Mutton chops (Straw)
    • Sheriff Visor (Clear white)
    • Circuit board (Yellow & Azure)
    • Dragon scales (Straw & Green)
    • Dragon scales (Red & Pastel blue)
    • Supreme feathers (Orange & Blue)
    • Zebra (Hot pink & Turquoise)

Uncategorized Changes
  • Switching between dinosaurs happens a bit faster now.
  • Fixed that player dinosaurs take a few steps out of zone portals after changing zones.
  • Adjusted the Travel Gate glow to be less dominant to not distract from gameplay.
  • Added a small path onto the glacier in Maujak Mountains which allows placing a Jump Link that connects the upper left and right parts of the map.
  • Changed skin of Loginnosaurus Rex to new Dragon scales (Red & Pastel blue) skin art available at Silver Lily's Emporium.
  • Fixed a bug that caused projectile skills (e.g. Rocket Launcher) to inflict damage early, i.e. not when the projectile hits.
  • Shortened recovery heal interval from 2 seconds to 1 to make recovery feel more reactive.
  • Improved distribution of spawn areas for events across all maps.
  • Changed color of "Support" category status effects / Clan Boosters from grey to cyan.
  • Fixed issue that sometimes animations are not played properly. Was most notable on the death animation.

Known Issues/Unfinished Elements
  • The windows for Travel Gates and Claims use the old site UI with a few modifications. You can expect more polish here in a future update.

See you in the game! <3​

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