Feedback thread for the “Balancing Update”

Dino Storm - Bandit in Mokon Woods
Hello Dino Rangers

The next big Dino Storm update " #10 Dinosaur & Weapon Balance" is currently in the testing phase. It is now ready for the public PTR test which will help us find remaining issues, get your feedback and provide insight into server performance. As soon as everything runs smoothly and we could incorporate your feedback, the testing phase will conclude with the live release to follow shortly after.

:info: Please Read This Before Joining the Test:
  • The PTR ("Public Test Realm") is exclusively used for testing.
  • The server is running a fresh new state without any players on it. After you create your avatar, it will automatically be given the items etc. which are required for testing the new update.
  • Many elements you will see on the PTR are still work in progress and might change during testing & live release.
  • Only the english language is available for the client.
  • To gain access to the PTR you may need to register a new Splitscreen Games account. Access to register and play on the PTR is here:

:!: Design Changes Only for the Public Test:
The changes below are only applied during the testing phase and will be reverted/not take place when the update goes live.
  • New players will be prepared for testing after creating their avatar (takes a few seconds)
    • Each player will be set to max level
    • Each player will get all dinos at max level
    • Each player will get all weapons at max level
    • Each player will get all modules & implants at max level (5x per item)
    • Each player will get a clothing/skins at max level & quality for each slot and for each attribute
      • color coded by attribute (some colors are duplicated as we have more attributes than base colors)
    • In the end the player will be moved to dinoville near the gate that leads to goldfields
  • All Claims & Supply Camps are automatically supplied by dinoville
  • First test phase will only allow PVP combat, while PVE will come at later
    • all PVE mobs & group quests are disabled so that no unit spawns
    • all playes are locked into the PVP engaged status
  • Disabled that clothing & skins will expire/worn out
  • Disabled damage booster
  • Maps & icons are automatically discovered one entered them.

:?: Questions to the Community
It would be great if you can use the following questions as a guideline when you provide your feedback here.
  • How do you like the feel of each dinosaur compared to the old balance?
  • Do the dinos provide a useful variety for you?
  • Do the Implants and Modules encourage different combinations?
  • Do you enjoy the rebalance and why?
  • Would you change your dino and why, when the update goes live?

You can read the full changelog of the public ptr here => Changelog
Have fun and post your feedback here & Bugs there => Bug Forum
:celebrate: :)

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