#9 Developer Team & Plans for Dino Storm

Dino Storm - Bandit in Mokon Woods

Hiho fellow dino rangers

We are finally preparing an update for next week that brings important parts of the techstack migration to the live servers of Dino Storm. In the last few weeks we also updated the launcher and the game clients to resolve several issues that had made it difficult for us to understand and resolve client crashes as well as other issues players could encounter when playing the game. We recommend installing the new client and game launcher installer to benefit from all optimizations.

With the migration we are also able to optimize server performance so that some of the lags players had endured so far will not be as noticeable anymore and way shorter if and when they occur. We have been testing and optimizing this on a server of our other game “Pirate Galaxy” on a daily basis since last week to find the sweet spot for the best performance. When we see that the server logs show improvements we will roll this out for all Dino Storm servers. :geek:

Many of you might already know that we have more games than just Dino Storm that we are working on. But we never actually introduced our small team and how we manage working on multiple games at the same time. In 2016 we wrote a Dev Shack article (The Development Team #02) to our Pirate Galaxy game community to explain to them why we had not updated the game for quite some time, since we had been working on the big and important Dino Storm update that introduced lots of changes and the Coldclaw Valley region. (The Dev Shack #05 – A Long, Long List of Changes & The Dev Shack #06 - BIG Update Part II)

Back then we decided that we could not work simultaneously on more than one game at any given time for big feature or content updates, since that would reduce the focus and quality we could put into it. We are a team of 6 developers who have several tasks at hand that are not just game development. Everything that is needed to run a company and offer support to the community is done by us. So we are lucky to have fellow game masters and testers that help us out where they can in their free time.

Now, let me give you a development status update. Currently we are working on content and feature updates for Pirate Galaxy, but we already have plans for a Dino Storm update that will follow up next. It will focus on overall gameplay improvements based on feedback from you, our community. When we have more details on the adjustments that we are planning, we will share them here with you.

Let us know what you think! :)

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