#12 Endgame Game Mechanics Discussion

Dino Storm - Bandit in Mokon Woods
We are thankful for all the incoming feedback, as it is both important and valuable for Dino Storm development. The suggestions you’ve sent us so far have shown us that our plans for adjusting the game’s maps would not really affect the root of the issues at hand, and therefore not have the effects desired by the community.
Although there are many different facets and perspectives to your feedback, most of you wrote about attacking and controlling sites in order to earn fame and ultimately be elected Sheriff in the town hall, which also provides access to the precious tyrannosaurus rex. However, the most obvious aspects in gameplay are not always the ones at the root of the problem, which is why we attempt to dig deeper and gain additional analytical data—from the game, testers and GMs alike. This way, we want to reach the core of the issue. Going from the observations we have made so far, we are not convinced that revising the game’s maps alone would improve gameplay enough to be satisfactory.

In the last few days we had been intensively discussing a number of design iterations and concepts—but the further we went and discussed possible solutions, the more it became obvious that we would actually need to think about changing the main gameplay path for unlocking T-Rex. We already had ideas for changing the endgame mechanics and concepts on our to-do list, and now we needed to figure out whether we will have to tackle these ideas before or after any potential map adjustments are made.

We condensed the list of issues and points that need to be addressed down to:
  • Server-spanning alliances misusing their influence, deciding who gets and doesn’t get the T-Rex
  • Stalling endgame as soon as T-Rex has been unlocked
  • Rather boring and predictable gameplay around sites (Travel Gates, Claims)

Let us know what you think, or if we are missing important key points! ;)

Edit: Link to Early concept

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