The signs point to storm

Dino Storm goes online today with a brand-new website. In addition, we are offering the first close look at what awaits the fearless adventurers in DinoVille. There are new screenshots and images from the game. Excitement is the order of the day in the little town of DinoVille. A group of rangers has found gold to the north. The men returned home from their journey in the surrounding countryside with tremendous wealth and flaunted their new riches in the local saloon. The news spread like a wildfire all across the country. It won’t be long before daredevil adventurers, ambitious prospectors and villainous bands of robbers will turn up in town from all over the country. In the 3D adventure Dino Storm, you set out for DinoVille on the search for wealth and recognition. You protect the town from mighty herds of dinosaurs, merciless bands of robbers, and other nasty vermin. Or you can found your own band and set up your own goldmine, always threatened by other prospectors. The most famous players strive against each other in the city hall for privileged offices, and only the best will manage to rise to deputy or sheriff. Dino Storm is completely free to play and offers wonderfully detailed 3D graphics direct in your browser with no installation. In order to join the closed beta all you need to do is register at You will then be informed when it gets started.