Laser gun — Hammer


The Hammer in Dino Storm

The laser gun hammer in Dino Storm

Laser Gun Skills of the Hammer

Laser Gun Facts About the Hammer

Put on the market over 40 years ago, the Hammer quickly became a favourite among cowboys, and its popularity continues until today.

At that time its modular construction was an absolute novelty and early owners attached the most exotic kit to their Hammers. Because of the big number of related accidents strict upgrade constraints had to be introduced soon after, leading to today’s standardized weapon upgrade kits for laser guns.

However, with a mandatory registration process only being set up years later, these constraints could easily be circumvented; legendary adventurer Saul “The Menace” Jackson laser gun for example was one of a kind, and since its disappearing 5 years ago people are still searching the Mokon Woods for traces of this extraordinary Hammer.

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