Laser gun — Burning Colt


The Burning Colt in Dino Storm

The laser gun colt in Dino Storm

Laser Gun Skills of the Burning Colt

Laser Gun Facts About the Burning Colt

Once invented for burning deep aisles through Mokon Woods’ thick brush, the Burning Colt quickly became the short range weapon of choice amongst cowboys due to its extraordinary rate of fire.

The Burning Colt’s secret lies in the immensely high pressure with which a secret mixture of flammable substances is shot onto targets. Some use cheap dinosaur blubber to refill the tank, but its maker strongly discourages this practice as it can “clog up the diffuser duct”.

The patented high-pressure technology offers a clear advantage as the Burning Colt does without the huge fuel tanks required by conventional flamethrowers. No surprise then that the Burning Colt has sold like hotcakes since its introduction to market

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