The Dev Shack #07 – Ankylosaurus

Dino Storm - Bandit in Mokon Woods

Hello rangers!

We are getting closer to releasing Ankylosaurus into the game, and we would like to do it with a special one-time event :) You will be hearing more about this event soon!

But first we accompany Buck Norris on his quest for taming this exciting new dinosaur; here are some of his recent notes...

by Buck Norris

[imageleft][/imageleft]As soon as I laid eyes on Ankylosaurus, I knew it was a master in self defense. This dinosaur is incredibly well-protected by its sturdy body armor—never have I seen this kind of protection in another dinosaur. The armor plates will even grow thicker the bigger Ankylosaurus gets!

But Ankylosaurus is not just armor. In combat, this dinosaur surprised me with some quick moves—it is much more agile than I had expected! I have named the two moves most prominently used by Ankylosaurus in combat:

Ankylosaurus throws its whole body weight into a powerful spin, sending its tail club flying.
NOTE: You really do not want to suffer a direct hit from that tail club!

Ankylosaurus stays in place, then launches its tail club high into the air—only to bring it down with force! The huge dust cloud that explodes from its tail is making it hard to keep fighting!

I finally succeeded in taming this wonderful dinosaur!


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