We Celebrate Our 11th Anniversary (and Valentine’s)!

Dino Storm - Bandit in Mokon Woods

Celebrate our Anniversary and Valentine's Day Together!

On February 28th 2012, Dino Storm entered Closed Beta!

This meant that for the first time ever, people other than the developers themselves could test-drive our beloved dinosaur game and hunt for (one-armed) bandits and bugs. Of course, nowadays everyone can play Dino Storm as long as they want, for free!

Starting February 16th 2023, we will celebrate 11 Years of Dino Storm with you for a full two weeks—and we will have some Valentine's Day rewards as well!

Event starting time is 4 PM / 16:00 server time:
  • Asia server – 16:00 CST / 08:00 UTC
  • Europe servers – 16:00 CET / 15:00 UTC
  • America servers – 16:00 EST / 21:00 UTC

Celebrate the Anniversary of Dino Storm with Loads of Delicious Cakes

The slightly sour juicy taste of blueberries makes you partly reflect incoming damage back on the attacker for a certain time.The instantly rewarding taste of chocolate grants you healing powers for a certain time.The sweet refreshing taste of dragonfruit makes your attacks more powerful for a certain time.The luxuriously sweet taste of strawberries makes your extra power bar refill more quickly for a certain time.The sweet and slightly tart taste of mango increases your defensive powers for a certain time.The overwhelming explosion of second-to-none flavors makes you run much faster for a while.

Collect Ingredients & Bake Yourself Some Cake!

Combine All 5 Cakes For the Awesome Rainbow Cake!

Eat Cakes & Unlock Two Pieces of Exclusive Dinosaur Skin Art!

Additional Dinosaur Skin Art is Available Through the Event's
Baker NPCs!

We will be having a Flash Sales Weekend as well —

*Starting midnight (server time). America servers: EST | Europe servers: CET | Asia server: CST

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