Combat Redefined Preview: More Varied, More Fair, More Fun!

The coming weeks will see the introduction of tons of new features to Dino Storm, all of which are connected to the next big thing:
The Combat Redefined Update!

More Variety

Combat Redefined features a whole lot of new exciting skills and skill combinations. Also some brand-new tactical elements come into play – while we cannot go into detail yet, we can tell you that they will add a whole new level to Dino Storm combat!

More Fairness

Combat Redefined relies on skill to a much greater extent than before. Skilled players will be able to best better-equipped opponents, simply through clever response and tactics!

More Fun

Combat Redefined is faster, more action-packed, more challenging to master and easier to learn at the same time. We cannot wait to see the epic battles that you will fight once the update launches!

Dino Storm - Combat Redefined Cowboy

“You say Dino Storm combat gets better in every way?
Sounds awesome! I’m really looking forward to it!”

We are going to release Combat Redefined as a series of updates over the course of the coming weeks.

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Road to Combat Redefined – Stay Tuned for More Information