#10 Dinosaur & Weapon Balance

Dino Storm - Bandit in Mokon Woods

Hiho dino rangers,

First off we would like to thank every player who shared their feedback & ideas on our last Dev Shack #9, or in the feedback sections of the forum. It helped us identify the core aspects that we should focus on for the next Dino Storm updates. Now there is a long list of issues and ideas that we will go through and prioritize which ones go first.

As many of you noticed during the Easter event, we had performance issues on some servers causing network lag and delays which made the game unplayable at peak times. We have identified several issues that were causing this. Many optimizations were done in the course of several updates during the last few weeks to improve performance without any changes to gameplay.

But one adjustment proved to be a tough one as it changed how the game was played/perceived by you. The very high frequency of shots being fired was causing massive network traffic during battles and had to be adjusted. So the time between individual shots was increased to not go below one second for the fastest attack interval, and the damage output of the weapons and skills was adjusted to make up for this change—the resulting dps (damage per second) is about the same as it was before. We can understand that some are not happy with that adjustment but it was necessary for improving performance and needs to stay this way. But we are sure that there is a way that we can bring the “fun aspect” back to the weapons without sacrificing playability again. ;)

So that brings us to the first thing we want to work on for the next Dino Storm update. We want to balance the dinosaurs & weapons more fairly so that it is more fun to use different kinds of combinations of dinos & weapons without having that one preferred setup which bests all the others. This is a really tricky and complex thing to get right as many factors come into the equation. To achieve this we are currently taking a deep dive into analyzing dinos and weapons with their entirety of skills and effects.

Planned Changes
  • Achieve greater balance among dinosaurs (attributes & skills).
  • Achieve greater balance among weapons (attributes & skills).
  • Introduce that each weapon has their own firing sound & visuals to match the adjusted attack timings.

Let us know what you think. :)

Stay safe

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