Endgame Part 2.1 Update · May 30, 2023

Dino Storm - Bandit in Mokon Woods
Endgame Part 2.1 Update · May 30, 2023

Around 8:30 AM UTC+2, game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.

New Items at Silver Lily's Emporium
  • Added new color variants of existing items:
    • Dragon Scales skin art now also available in straw & red.
    • Sheriff Visor, Jacket, Trousers and Hat now also available in red.
    • Mutton Chops headgear now also available in white.
  • Added multiple new pieces of dinosaur skin art:
    • Circuit Board (green & yellow)

    • Supreme Feathers (vibrant cyan & orange)

    • Zebra (vibrant orange & yellow)

Much More Fame From Clothing Items
  • The amount of fame points assigned to fashionable items has been significantly increased for all items in the game.
    • The amount of fame points that is drawn from fashionable items during Combat Fame Time rises in the same way (it will still take four full turns of Combat Fame Time to deplete an item's fame points, but each turn will now yield significantly more fame points).


Item List Window Improvements
  • The possibility to filter items by type and search by text input has been added to all store windows as well as the auction house and clan inventory.
    • For the ranger inventory, warehouse and market windows that already had item search and filters, the order of UI elements has been reversed for consistency with the new windows.
  • The default sorting of items has been greatly improved and is now consistent across all kinds of inventory and store windows.
  • Different quality variants of fashionable items that are of the same type and color are now shown grouped together:


Election Improvements & Fixes
  • The left-hand election task can now no longer be dismissed as long as the election is running, and as long as the reward for a successful election has not yet been collected. Only when you lose out in an election, you will be able to dismiss the task.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause an election's Silver Crown reward to not be added to the election task.

Other Improvements & Fixes
  • Improved the look of all dinosaur skin art icons to more accurately resemble the item's actual in-game look (no more greyish artifacts that would show at the borders of graphical elements for some types of skin art).
  • Fixed text issue in auction window where some sub headers and description texts got mixed up (e.g. "Your pending auctions" in Auction Window overview).
  • Item stack sizes just shy of an even number (e.g. 999; 49,999) have been adjusted to now reach that even number (e.g. 1,000; 50,000).

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