Fred Ex is coming to Dinoville!

Fred Ex is Coming to Dinoville!
The traveling trader arrives on September 6, 4 PM*

Check out his rare items shop and the premium item auctions!
Loads of items that were never on sale before!

Rare Items Shop

  • Fred Ex will be located in central Dinoville. His event store is filled with exclusive and rare items, many of which have never been offered for purchase before. Most of these items can be bought for Gold Coins, but some are available for gems as well.
    • Baby dinosaurs, including Baby T-Rex (Sheriffs only)!
    • Rare dinosaur skin art
    • Saddles
    • Upgrade item packs containing the four rare types of upgrade items needed for a given upgrade tier

Premium Item Auctions

  • Premium item auctions can only be bid on with Gold Coins!
  • Premium auctions can be accessed both through the regular Auction House, and through a special auction task that will be present as long as premium auctions are available.
  • Premium auctions work similar to regular auctions, with a few notable differences:
    • There is no bidding fee with premium auctions.
    • Bids are not billed immediately, but get "prebooked" for the duration of the auction. When the auction ends, the highest bidder gets the auctioned item and loses the amount of Gold Coins that he/she had previously entered as their bid. The other bidders on that auction lose nothing; prebooked bids are reset.
    • In case the auction winner does not have enough Gold Coins left to pay his/her winning bid, the next highest bidder wins the auction.
  • Dinosaur skin art offered through premium auctions is level 45; it can be bought and worn with any ranger level—the skin art's attribute values will scale down to match the ranger level.

* Server time (American servers: EDT, European servers: CEST, Asian server: CST)

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