Adopt a Baby Ankylosaur for Valentine’s Day!

♡♡♡ Adopt a Baby Ankylosaur ♡♡♡

ONLY* from February 14 to 22!

*This is a one-time event, and your only chance to get a baby ankylosaur for free!

    About Baby Ankylosaurus
    • Get your own baby ankylosaur in exchange for event items! Available ONLY during the event!
    • You will NOT be able to purchase Baby Ankylosaurus through Gold Coins during the event. If you want to purchase Baby Ankylosaurus through Gold Coins, you will need to wait for a future sales event.

    About Regular Ankylosaurus
    • You WILL be able to purchase "big" Ankylosaurus during the event, and also after the event. Ankylosaurus is added to the Dino Store in Dinoville and can then be purchased just like the other regular dinosaurs.

>>> Event Starting Times <<<

    American servers (server time zone: UTC-5/EST)
    • PST (Los Angeles): 01:00 (1 AM)
    • EST (New York): 04:00 (4 AM)
    • BRST (São Paulo): 07:00 (7 AM)

    European servers (server time zone: UTC+1/CET)
    • GMT (London): 09:00 (9 AM)
    • CET (Berlin): 10:00 (10 AM)
    • MSK (Moscow): 12:00 (12 PM)

    Asian server (server time zone: UTC+8/CST)
    • IST (Mumbai): 14:30 (2:30 PM)
    • ICT (Bangkok): 16:00 (4 PM)
    • CST (Beijing): 17:00 (5 PM)


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