Christmas in Dinoville 2016: Give Sweets, Get Brand-New Festive Rewards

The season of gift giving has arrived in Dinoville, and with it a handful of festive visitors. Christmas trader Nicholas is setting up camp in the center of town, and nine of his most talented helping hands are moving to the outer areas.

The Season of Gift Giving has Arrived

Together they want to show everyone just how much fun it is to give a gift to a friend. If asked about how exactly they want to achieve this, Nicholas just smiles mysteriously, producing gingerbread men and candy canes from his big bag of presents.

Christmas in Dinoville – Sweets

Give these sweets to your friends!

Complete Event Quests to Collect Sweets

Be sure to meet Nicholas and his nine helpers from the North Pole! Special quests and rewards are only available during the course of the event, so you will want to visit them often.

Small Mutual Gifts – Great Rewards for Everyone

  • “Christmas in Dinoville” begins on December 16 2016, 4:00 PM server time* and runs until January 1 2017, 11:59 PM server time*.
  • Play event quests in Dinoville, Goldfields, Mokon Woods, Green Volcano and Coldclaw Valley to collect festive sweets.
  • Give sweets to and receive gifts from friends; Nicholas and his helpers will reward you for it with great christmas-themed rewards!
  • December 17/18: Christmas Flash Sales!

* US Server Time Zone: EST | EU Server Time Zone: CET | ASIA Server Time Zone: CST
Dino Storm - Christmas Presents